Fosetyl 800 Fungicide

For the Prevention and Control of Pythium in Turf and Phytophthora Rots in Ornamentals

Fosetyl 800 Fungicide is an organic phosphate compound used as a systemic fungicide with protective activity that acts by inhibiting spore germination and penetration into the plant, and by blocking mycelial growth and spore production.

It is rapidly absorbed through the plant leaves or roots, with translocation both up and down inside the plant.

Fosetyl 800 Fungicide also enhances the plant’s own natural defence systems against diseases. Mode of action is multi-site.

Fosetyl 800 Fungicide should be used preventively for the control of Pythium diseases.

Active Constituent

  • 800 g/kg FOSETYL present as the aluminium salt

Activity Group

  • Group 33 Fungicide


  • WDG - Water Dispersible Granule

Pack Sizes

  • 2.5kg  


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