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'Re-Entry Period' change for Silverado Herbicide

Turf Culture were recently granted by the APVMA changes to the Silverado Herbicide registration/label, with additional turf species added to Situation of Use, and a Re-Entry Period change, all positive changes for end users with more turf species being able to be treated to eliminate moss & broadleaf weeds and less restrictions regarding the Re-Entry Period.

Change to Re-Entry Periods

Previously Silverado Herbicide had a 14 day restriction for high exposure activities such as hand-weeding and transplanting. These restrictions are now GONE!

CLICK HERE for the differences between the Old and New Re-Entry Periods of Silverado Herbicide.

Situation of Use expands

Silverado was previously registered for use on Golf & Bowling Greens and Turf Farms. One of the few herbicides that specifically lists safe to use on greens!

It is now registered for use on all turf surfaces (i.e. surrounds, fairways, tees, ovals, general turf areas), of course it is still registered on golf and bowling greens. Still one of the few herbicides that specifically lists safe to use on greens!

Tall Fescue & Ryegrass were also added as turf species that Silverado can safely be used on.

MONARCH now approved for Fire Ant & Yellow Crazy Ant application to nests and Nuisance & Nesting Ants in Turf

Recently Turf Culture were granted New Uses and New Pests to the MONARCH registration by the APVMA.

New uses & Pests such as;
Control of Red Imported Fire Ant & Yellow Crazy Ant - Spot application to nests.

New pests for Turf with;
Control of Nuisance & Nesting Ants in Turf (now registered for all Ants, not just Funnel Ants).

A Range of New Uses and New Pests were added, full a detailed list please visit the MONARCH product page HERE.

If you wish to use our latest registered claims when using the Monarch 100 Insecticide you have in stock, you can simply print the leaflet from our website HERE for use, keep in mind you must attach & keep this latest leaflet with your Monarch 100 Insecticide bottle.

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