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Impala Fungicide launched

Impala Fungicide (APVMA Approval No. 80146) was recently launched in the Australia turf market. Impala is a unique combination of azoxystrobin (96g/L) and triticonazole (194g/L) and is the only dual systemic turf fungicide that contains triticonazole. It provides broad spectrum control of over 10 major turf diseases. Impala Fungicide is set to become the new industry standard for diseases control. 
For more information such as Impala’s label, SDS and technical sheet go to Impala’s product page.

Monarch G Insecticide launched

Turf Culture's trusted fipronil brand Monarch is now available as a granule. Monarch G Insecticide is Unscheduled (exempt from poison scheduling) and has no 'Re-Entry Period' allocated. It's an easy to spread 'ready to use' fipronil (0.5 g/kg) granule for residual control of Argentine Stem Weevil, Nuisance ants, Nesting ants, Funnel ants and Mole Crickets in recreational, domestic and commercial turf. Monarch G Insecticide now gives turf managers and home owners an easy to spread fipronil granule. (APVMA Approval No.: 86567) Learn more about Monarch G Insecticide

Formulation Guarantee

All of our products come with a formulation guarantee, which ensures the turf manager can be extremely confident they are applying a quality product.

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