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Turf Culture’s aim is to develop innovative and professional products for the turf market. We develop products for a whole range of uses that will help the turf manager establish, maintain and manicure their turf surface to the highest quality. Read More

Product Testimonial

Maximiser Penetrator After the water restrictions hit Stage 2, I found our ovals were becoming very water repellent. As a result, we were not able to take full advantage of any rainfall or irrigation due to a high percentage of runoff. It made sense with our heavy soils to use a wetting agent that helps moisture enter the profile first. Because of our heavy soils once the moisture is in our profile we have no problem with moisture staying there ie. no moisture leaching. We have had good success with Maximiser Penetrator doing exactly what we required, getting the moisture into the profile. Mark Scholes Sports-fields Co-ordinator - City of Maribyrnong

THUMPER now labelled for controlling Nematodes 

Turf Culture recently gained APVMA approval for new uses for Turf Culture Thumper Miticide:

‘For the control of Soil Borne Parasitic Nematodes in turf’.

These new uses were approved on November 8, 2012. With the new registered uses comes an updated product name – Turf Culture Thumper Miticide & Nematicide.

This product is now ideal for the use in controlling ‘Soil Borne Parasitic Nematodes’ in situations such as:
• Golf & Bowling greens
• Golf Fairways / Sports fields
• Golf Tees / Surrounds
• Racetracks
• General Recreational Turf areas

The points listed in the ‘Critical Comments’ section of the new Nematicide claims are essential for obtaining optimum efficacy.

Download more information from the following links:

Thumper product label
Thumper brochure
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